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     It is a real privilege to use fine wood pencils and pens.  A good quality pen makes writing a pleasure. With our fine custom writing instruments you will own one of a kind items, each one a totally unique collectors item. Our pens make treasured gifts on any occasion and especially on special occasions like Graduation, Fatherís Day, Motherís Day, Christmas and Birthdays. You and your gift will be remembered for years to come.  Our pens are truly elegant, something you will enjoy using and be proud to give or show. If you are searching for the perfect gift for that special someone, or you just want to treat yourself to something special, then read on and discover the exquisite beauty of exotic wood pens.
     We hand select our woods from over 40 of the most rare and exotic woods from around the world.  Each type of wood has its own form of natural beauty with its contrasting veins of color and natural luster. The handsome natural beauty of wood is something that cannot be captured by plastic. As unique as a person's fingerprint, the wood grain in each pen is unlike any other. The turned wood reveals God's hidden natural beauty in each individual pen. Our unique finish brings out the rich natural grain character and warm glow within the wood.

     Our precision handcrafted pens and pencils are made one at a time, especially for you on a wood lathe and then assembled into a beautiful work of art, something as much a pleasure to own and use as they are to give. You will notice our pens are made from a solid piece of wood sometimes cut on the diagonal with the grain oriented to match between the two barrels of the pen. Each order comes complete with an information card identifying the kind of wood species, some facts about the trees such as where they grow and how their precious wood has been used.

     We offer you a choice of the elegant Traditional Twist Pen and matching Click Pencil or the sophisticated EuroStyle Twist Pen and matching Click Pencil. All our pen and pencil mechanisms are solid brass and feature an extra heavy, durable, individually dipped and dried 24-karet gold plating on the exterior components.
The Traditional
     The elegant simplicity of this pen makes it our most popular.  Sporting a thin barrel and full-turn twist mechanism this is our most popular pen to carry in your chequebook, purse or pocket and uses standard Cross-style refills. Our Traditional Pencil has a thin barrel and push-button lead advance making this pencil a great mate to either the Traditional and/or EuroStyle pen. Uses standard 0.5mm leads. The Traditional twist ballpoint pens and click pencils are available in chrome and 24k gold finishes.  For the more discriminating customer, we also offer these with titanium gold plating, an extremely durable, wear-resistant gold finish.
The Eurostyle
     With the sophisticated styling along the lines of the famous Mont Blanc, TM the beautifully curved profile and rounded cap of this design reflects a distinctive European accent.  If your taste leans toward the classic style, then this is the pen for you!  Each one has its own personality in the graceful curvature of the barrel and uses standard Cross-style refills and the pencil uses standard 0.5 mm leads. We also offer our original Twist Pen and Pencils with a durable titanium gold finish.
     Complete your desk set with one of our quality 24k Gold EuroStyle Letter Openers which are a perfect match to our EuroStyle pens and pencils.  The wavy blade will beautifully complete a most impressive set. Additionally you may prefer to round out your collection with this attractive 24k gold matching magnifying glass.
     And to compliment your pens choose just the right pen and pencil storage to fit your style.  We offer the Velvet Double Pen Box in Black or Gray exterior with gray interior. For a more unique presentation and storage choose a Wooden Pen Box made of Rosewood, Maple, or Cherry. Orders not including a pen storage option will come shipped automatically with the Suedette Pouch in gray, Black or Burgundy.
Our Guarantee
     All our pens come with a full lifetime warranty. No questions asked, just return your pen and we will replace or repair. If you are not absolutely satisfied with the quality, workmanship, or operation of our pens and pencils, just return for full refund of your purchase price within 30 days of purchase. Please note the above pictures are just representative of the items that we produce, they are not meant to show exactly what your order will look like. There is no way we can actually capture their true beauty in these small pictures.
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