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Our Designer Collection of Exotic Wood Peppermills, our 
most popular pepper mill designs, click to see more! 
Made with multiple layers of Exotic Woods like Zebrawood, 
ChakteViga, Cocobolo, Purpleheart and Wenge woods
Welcome to the
Exotic Wood Peppermill Art Gallery

We make Artistic Handcrafted Exotic Wood Pepper mills,
for Fabulous Gifts and Elegant Heirloom Collectibles  
 From the Rare & Exotic Woods Of The World

Inspired by Pinky Martin's fabulous exotic wood pepper mills,
those seen on Sara Moulton and Oprah Winfrey.

Our Exceptional Designer Pepper Mills are uniquely exquisite
and unusually beautiful, adding just the right touch of spice
and a splash of color to your kitchen decor.

There is a "Passion for Pepper" sweeping the country !  
Join in the fun with our Exotic Wood Peppermills & Grinders
Lifetime Warranty on the Mechanism.

Order Today, a Designer Pepper Mill will make a dramatic statement.
 Your Kitchen will be Unforgettable !
Natural granite countertops are the hottest
horizontal surface in home decorating.
We have the hottest accessory for your granite,
a colorful Exotic Wood Peppermill !    
We will make a Peppermill that will go with
any kind of countertops!

Order "Our Most Popular Designs" in a 10" or 12" size NOW to insure Holiday delivery!

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Customer Comment for a
Group Order of 10 Peppermills
"I just unwrapped the 10 peppermills and the wood, colors and finish on ALL are
absolutely beautiful.  The Web site does not do them justice.  I can hardly wait until
the recipients receive their gifts - they will be thrilled.Your hard work and dedication to
your craft are appreciated more than words can express. Thank you again in making
first class, high quality peppermills. I love them all!" Best regards, - Kay from California
(Kay has since ordered 3 more mills to complete sets!)
Our Exotic Wooden Peppermills Feature
*    Handcrafted from the rare and exotic
     woods of the world, purchased from
     carefully managed farm grown forests
     in South America and Africa;
*    Unique lamination method and diagonal
     creates fascinating and different effects
     from every angle;  
*    One-of-a-kind object, each piece numbered
     and signed and can be custom designed;
*   10 coats of high gloss lacquer, protects
     from kitchen wear and tear, piano finish;
*    Inside finished with food safe finish;
*    Pepper and Saltmills/Shakers available.
*    Chef Specialties stainless steel  
     mechanisms. Polycarbonate salt
     grinder mechanisms for salt mills.
     Lifetime Warranty;
*    Comes with Gourmet Peppercorns;
*    Makes a lively conversation piece;  
*    Adds just the right touch of spice and
     a splash of color to your kitchen;
*    A Perfect Gift and Collectible;
*    Shipped gift boxed;
*    100% Satisfaction Guarantee !
If you are serious about food and cooking, you will definitely enjoy a gourmet style, high quality professional pepper mill. Nothing will compare to the sharp, pungent flavor and perfume of peppercorns that are freshly ground!

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The Ebony Princess, Maui, TajMahal and Kilimanjaro Pepper Mills made for Roberta from California.
This comment from a very Special Customer!
One who was lucky enough to get one of Pinky's Pepper Mills!

"Robyn!! I am so excited about receiving my Kilimanjaro TM Pepper Mill this afternoon!! It is truly a work of art just like my Pinky Pepper Mill!! The colors of the wood and the finish on the mill is perfect!! The two mills are IDENTICAL in the sense of quality and beauty... You did a very professional job in the packaging and I really like the added touch of including the peppercorns. It has been a real pleasure in connecting up with you via the Food Network! Regards" - Roberta from California

"Hi Robyn! Your mills are identical to Pinky's!! Yes, of course you can quote me!! I'll probably be buying another one in the next few days......I don't think I can part with your mills!! We like how you have three woods and your mill has more layers and your mill is a bit more streamlined and I like that better. What I like about both mills is the shinny finish and until now I haven't been able to locate anyone who does that finish as good. You have a very high quality mill. I'll be in touch real soon!! Regards" - Roberta from California

"Hi again Robyn!! You're right!! I really don't know if I can part with them, but I must at this time!! They are all beautiful and have exceeded my expectations!! I can't wait for hubby to get home, so with his help we can select two more to purchase. LOL.....we are planning our cabinets and granite around your pepper mills!! Talk to you soon. Regards," - Roberta from California

(As pictured above, She has since ordered her 8th pepper mill from us, and we are thrilled to be able to please her again!)
Enjoy Your Shopping With Us !


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