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Hello and Welcome to Our Gallery!
      My name is Ron McKinney and my wife is Robyn. We are glad you found your way here.  We love to share our passion. After raising six children between us, we now create these exquisite handmade pepper mills and have fulfilled a life long dream. Our art gallery allowed us both to be home full time to take care of my 96 year old Mom, Lois. She lived with us, until her passing and she was one of our best cheerleaders! She was very proud of our handcrafted pepper mill creations. We shared each one with her before we shipped, telling her where it was going and a little bit about to whom, which she so enjoyed hearing.
Hello ! This is us ! The creators of these unique Pepper Mills. Send us an email to say Hello !
      I am a retired Electrical Engineer. About 15 years ago, after the death of our second to youngest child from meningitis, I made a decision to leave the engineering rat race and pursue a more fulfilling and simple life.  That search took me down many roads and I finally found what I was looking for, in my own backyard. Together, Robyn and I designed and built a darling gambrel roof barn for my workshop. Starting small with Exotic Wood Pens, Pencils, then Bowls and Vases, I eventually worked my way up to furniture items, and it soon became too small for our needs. We built on an addition and our workshop has now grown to 24' x 28' and is a fully equipped woodworking shop. We now have a design studio in another building which also houses our packaging and shipping needs.

      Robyn is a Graphic Design Artist, and Professional "Kitchen Designer." One of her kitchen design customers mentioned seeing really cool pepper mills on TV, Pinky's Pepper Mills on the Foodnetwork cooking show Sara's Secrets and the Oprah Winfrey show. She told her how much she would love to have one, but that Pinky Martin (aka E. S. Martin) who at that time was in his mid to late 80's, was no longer taking orders because he had received too many orders. Since we were already making exotic wood art pieces, she suggested we should take a look. We had no idea this adventure would become such a tremendous and wonderful opportunity to make new friends in nearly all 50 States and from places all over the world!

      With Robyn's kitchen design knowledge and artistic background and my engineering background and exotic woodworking experience, we decided we would work together to design our own line of artistic gourmet peppermills. Within months, the demand for our creations had grown to the point it was clear Robyn would have to leave her design job to work from home.

      Robyn is the one who designed and maintains our website and will be the one who will communicate with you about your order. With her vast knowledge about all kinds of cabinets and countertops, she will be able to assist you with any questions you might have about what will look great as a unique pepper mill on your countertops and with your kitchen
cabinets !  

      Once accompanied by our loyal Beagle Dog, Molly, in our shop is where you will find us both everyday, creating our gourmet quality pepper mill kitchen art pieces.

      This is our journey, a journey without distance. We hope you are inspired by our story to purchase one of our artistic pieces, we know that you will enjoy owning and using one or giving one as an unforgettable gift.  Our Designer Peppermills make a perfect addition to any collection!

Thank you for your support and your patience with the time it takes to get
one of our creations.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Warmest Regards,  Ron McKinney

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In Loving Memory of our sweet little beagle, Molly Elaine McKinney.
We had the pleasure of her company for 17 years. She worked very hard doing her job, in her own spot with us in our shop. She kept us company and let us know when it was time to quit! She will always be greatly missed!
We thank you for being so patient!
Ms. Lois, who was almost 96 has now left this place behind and gone to a better place. Thank you all for your words of support as we now carry on. Her ever cheerful presence and her delighted thrills of excitement will be daily missed.

In Loving Memory of My Mother Lois, a lovely,
dear and sweet lady!


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